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Rafael Development Corporation

RDC is the commercialization arm of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, in a full partnership with Elron Electronic Industries (TASE: ELRN). Our core business is the commercialization of high value civilian technologies based on defense technologies developed by Rafael, with the financial backing of Elron. Founded in 1993, RDC has established and sold a number of successful hi-tech companies in a wide range of disciplines.

About RDC

At RDC, we leverage Rafael’s know-how,
expertise, and technological edge in the defense
industry, as well as Elron’s strong financial base,
access to capital markets, and strategic expertise
to develop and commercialize disruptive
technologies for high-growth civilian markets.

We achieve this through three types of
business initiatives:

Establishment of an RDC company to commercialize Rafael’s proven defense technologies in a civilian market


Strategic investment or joint venture with a fast growing company, leveraging Rafael’s know-how, R&D and/or manufacturing capabilities

Seed investment in an early-stage company focusing on cybersecurity or enterprise software, via our fully-owned investment arm, RDSeed

Fields of interest


Robust mobile security solutions


Innovation in precision agriculture


Cutting-edge solutions for cybersecurity and enterprise software

Industry and Manufacturing

Lasers and other leading technologies

Medical Devices

Advancing healthcare through sensors


Revolutionizing air monitoring and treatment

Who we are

RDC and its portfolio companies benefit from the unique synergy between its two parent companies. Rafael offers an immense ‘brain trust’, powerful R&D infrastructure, and knowledge base, which help in setting the foundation for future growth and success on an international level. Elron provides strong financial backing and extensive expertise in all aspects of establishing and developing profitable high-growth companies. Its vast international business experience provides RDC’s companies with a significant competitive edge in their respective fields. RDSeed, our fully-owned subsidiary, invests primarily in cybersecurity and enterprise software start-ups.

Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. is a leading Israeli holding company dedicated to building technology companies, primarily in the field of medical devices. Elron’s holdings currently include a diverse mix of companies in fields such as microbiology, stroke care, age-related macular degeneration, heart failure, and orthopedics. Elron continues to seek new investment opportunities in seed, early, expansion and mature stage med-tech ventures.

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., one of Israel’s largest defense companies, develops and produces state-of-the-art naval, air and land systems for the defense industry. The company provides innovative solutions at the leading edge of global technology, with areas of expertise including secure communications and cybersecurity. Rafael is best known for developing the “Iron Dome,” the world’s most effective Anti-Missile Air-Defense System.

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RDSeed is RDC’s investment arm focusing on early-stage ventures, primarily in the areas of cybersecurity and enterprise software. Initial investments are typically up to $2 million. RDSeed offers its start-ups significant value; from its access to Rafael’s technology experts and Elron’s seasoned investment executives, to mentoring and guidance from its experienced management team. RDSeed’s headquarters are located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Success stories

Given Imaging

Given Imaging

Given Imaging (NASDAQ: GIVN), established by RDC in 1998, revolutionized the field of gastrointestinal (GI) imaging with the invention of video capsule endoscopy. Today a world leader in GI medical devices with a range of innovative options for visualizing, diagnosing and monitoring the digestive system, the company’s core technology was based on real-time image processing technology developed at Rafael. Given Imaging’s flagship product, the PillCam®, is a disposable, miniature video camera contained in an ingestible pill, for direct visualization of the GI tract. To date, more than 2 million patients worldwide have benefited from the use of the PillCam. Given Imaging was acquired by Covidien in 2014 for approximately $1 billion.



Medingo, established by RDC in 2005, developed the Solo™ Insulin Micro-Pump, a miniature, tubeless, stand-alone insulin infusion device combined with a remote control for personalization of pump parameters to the patient's needs. The company’s core technology was based on Rafael’s capabilities in mechanical miniaturization and special materials. Medingo was acquired by Roche Diagnostics in 2010.



3DV, established by RDC in 1997, developed three dimensional image sensor chip sets and cameras that capture objects in 3D, enabling users to control personal space through intuitive body gestures. The company's breakthrough video imaging technology enabled video cameras to capture the depth dimension of objects in real time, high speed and very high resolution for the video gaming and PC webcam markets. 3DV was acquired by Microsoft in 2009.

Our portfolio

Kyma has developed an innovative approach for remote monitoring of chronic heart failure (CHF) patients. The company’s miniature, non-invasive device utilizes novel body-penetrating microwave radar technology to monitor the optimal combination of patient clinical parameters. The device is attached to the torso and data are transferred wirelessly, providing clinicians with accurate and reliable information for timely intervention.

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Cloudyn is a leading cloud monitoring, analytics and optimization solution for multi-cloud deployments. The company’s industry award-winning SaaS solution delivers insights into usage, performance and cost, coupled with custom prescriptive actions for enhancing performance and reducing cloud spend. More than 2,400 customers use Cloudyn’s technology worldwide. Cloudyn is an RDSeed portfolio company.

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OpenLegacy is an open source API platform for automated legacy modernization and integration. The company’s comprehensive, end-to-end integration platform unlocks the application services and information in mainframes, AS/400 and databases, automatically transforming them into mobile, web and cloud applications. OpenLegacy is an RDSeed portfolio company.

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GetYou is a mobile social feedback platform, enabling users to discover how people around the world perceive them and their characteristics at first glance. The platform, available in beta on iOS and Android, has raised $1.1 million in seed funding from RDSeed and angel investors, including Wix founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami. GetYou is an RDSeed portfolio company.

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Otonomic was created to empower small businesses on the web. The company’s product turns the Facebook pages of small businesses into professional websites in a single click. Over 30,000 freelancers and business owners have already chosen Otonomic to create and manage their websites. Otonomic is an RDSeed portfolio company.

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RDC is currently introducing eMune, a powerful, cyber-hardened BYOD mobile security solution for the enterprise market. Developed in conjunction with Rafael, eMune is the only comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise solution that provides robust security in a completely transparent experience, with live stream malware detection and threat elimination, as well as encrypted, high-quality VoIP and IM.

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“and they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks”
– Isaiah 2
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